Visual Art in Las Vegas, Nevada

The artwork of Omnia Ferox Design is colorful, bold and whimsical -- with a touch of satire. OFD art makes a statement, whether you're wearing it on apparel or decorating your walls!

The Shady Friends 10k NFT Collection

Omnia Ferox Design is proud to announce the release of the Shady Friends 10k NFT collection --which can be found on Rarible and Opensea!

Each one of the 10,000 minted Shady Friends NFT tokens is a uniquely generated work of satirically nostalgic toon artwork. The Shady Friends collection can be collected and traded for access to the TOP SECRET OFD CATALOG of exclusively designed graphic tees, hoodies and more! Join the Discord server to stay up to date on the details of this developing NFT project.

The Shady Friends NFT Collection on Rarible

The Shady Friends Official Discord Server

Vintage Camera Graphic Tee

Take a picture. It'll last longer! This graphic tee features a vintage camera design complete with Omnia Ferox branding and slogan. Give them something to stare at when you wear this tee!

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Melungeon Pride Melungeon Heritage T-shirt

If you're Melungeon and you're proud, wear this shirt! Celebrate your Melungeon heritage with this trendy-style logo shirt that displays your ancestry with the colors of Appalachia.

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Lake Mead Barrel Body Graphic Tee

Commemorate the viral Lake Mead Barrel discoveries with your very own Lake Mead Barrel Body graphic tee! Design is an original by Omnia Ferox Design 2022.

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Ocean Sunset Wall Art On Canvas by Omnia Ferox Design

Beautiful galaxy night sky illuminated by the setting sun over crashing ocean waves. Get this striking ocean sunset wall art by Omnia Ferox Design on canvas!

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