Deadliez NFT Collection

Deadliez is a collection of 10k uniquely generated PFPs on the Ethereum blockchain!

Collectors of this NFT are currently in the hundreds -- with many selling theirs as high as 55 Eth.

You can mint your own right now for just .01536 Eth! Just hit the button below and mint, or click here and do it through the One Mint page!

Each one of the Deadliez NFT collection is unique, with assets that range from common to ultra-rare. Check out the rarity rankings for this NFT collection on Opensea (click here). When you mint your own, you might get one with an ultra-rare asset, making it highly valuable! Don't miss out. Mint your own Deadliez right now!

Click the "connect your wallet" button to mint your very own Deadliez NFT. Our mint page is hosted by One Mint!